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Garden Veggie  -  A unique, hard to find flavor that is so refreshing. The taste of fresh bell peppers makes a wonderful dip with fresh veggies.

Sun Dried Tomato  -  You will swear you're in a tomato garden with the taste of our sun drenched tomato flavored dip. Wonderful with crusty bread or as a cheeseball or spread.

Creamy Cucumber  -  Another hard to find dip flavor that is so light and refreshing. Try it in turkey wraps or with a pasta salad.

Buttermilk Ranch  -  The all time classic dip. You can't go wrong by putting it out at any kind of gathering. Even kids love it. It will be gone in no time. There's nothing like making it fresh yourself.

Fresh Spinach  - Wow, right out of the garden. The favorite dip to put in a large bread bowl. One of our best sellers.

Chili Con Queso  -  For a wonderful, mild Mexican flavored dip. Mix it with melted Velveeta cheese and salsa for a dip beyond compare. Sooooo good! Use it over any Mexican dish. Not too spicy, just right.

Mesquite  -  Our second best seller. A rich, smokey flavored dip that you won't find almost anywhere else.  It's also a wonderful rub for meats and fowl of all kinds.

Garlic Lover  -  Our all time best selling dip. Use it for garlic mashed potatos, shrimp scampi, bread dipping with olive oil, and more. Anything you want to taste like garlic - this is the product for you. Wait till you taste it!

Delicious Dill  -  Another of our classic best selling dips. So popular with almost everyone. Try it on salmon or over asparagus or in turkey wraps.

Horseradish Heaven  -  This popular dip is not too strong. Just a wonderful, mild flavor of horseradish that goes great with roast beef and so many other dishes.

Zesty Pepper  -  Just enough zing to zap your taste buds. It's truly zesty, but not too hot. Another great dip mix that also makes a great rub for your meats and fowl.

Spicey Jalapeno  -  Our third best selling dip flavor. Try it over many Mexican or Tex-Mex foods. Spicy, but not too hot. Just enough to wake you up and smile - a lot!