JAM & JELLY LADY    http://www.jamandjellylady.com/

     She's a dear friend of mine and she makes the best jams, jellies and other
     products you will ever put in your mouth.


    SWEET MISS      http://sweetmiss.net/

    Wonderful decorated cookies, granola and many other mouth watering
    baked goods.


    LITTLE DIPPER COMPANY       https://www.littledippercompany.com/

    Little Dipper Company offers gourmet dipping oils, bread mixes and flavored
    pastas to suit the most discerning palate.  


    DONNA'S GOURMET COOKIES    http://donnasgourmetcookies.com/

    The name says it all. Voted "Cincinnati's Best Cookies"


    LA CREMA COFFEE COMPANY    http://www.lacremacoffeecompany.com/

    For the very best coffees anywhere. So many delicious flavors and so beautifully


    ANDERSON FARMER'S MARKET    http://andersonfarmersmarket.org/

    For the finest in produce, baked goods, dip mixes, flowers, gelato, coffees, and many
    other products. Plus, artisan craft items. Live music, kid's activities and more.


    UNCLE BUNK'S    http://www.unclebunks.com/unclebunkshome.html

    Just a little bit of everything that's delicious. Check out all of their delicious products!


    OLE  RAYS BBQ  SAUCES       http://olerayssauces.com/

    So many wonderful sauces, it's hard to choose your favorite. Available in stores


    MADISONO'S GELATO    http://madisonosgelato.blogspot.com/

    Only the finest ingredients will do when you want to make the best gelato in the world -
    and soooo many flavors! Yummy!