Microwave Pork Skins

Chef Piggy Tail Microwave Pork Skins

Chef Piggy Tail Microwave Pork Rinds: This is a product we have a lot of fun with and microwave pork rinds or pork skins is a great seller. It might just surprise you that microwaveable pork rinds have crossed over to be considered as a healthier snack alternative. The facts are that microwavable pork rinds have a nutrition profile that make them a low carb, high protein snack with a higher fullness factor than most other snack foods. 
Our spices add a wonderful complement to pork and we offer a range of spices all the way from plain to ghost pepper hot on our pork rind and pork skin snacks. One challenge that we face is that most folks think of pork rinds as the traditional fried pork rinds found in a convenience or grocery store. The unhealthy attributes of traditional pork rinds result from the fact that they are puffed in fat and are often include MSG in their seasoning. Once cooked a microwave pork rind has a shelf life of 3 months and with the distribution channel you often purchase traditional microwave pork rinds after 1/3 of their shelf life is gone. Microwaveable pork rinds have a shelf life of 9 months and require no refrigeration. Since you cook them in the microwave, you consume the product when it is fresh and at its peak of flavor. My favorite way to eat them is to cook the plain microwave pork rinds and add a few drops of my favorite hot sauce as I eat them.  Our microwave pork rinds contain no chemical preservatives nor do we use MSG in any of our seasoning.

We call our microwave pork rinds "pork puffies" since they puff up so well when cooked. Pork Rinds, a long time favorite snack for Southerners, are finding new converts every day as folks discover the added benefits of cooking them in a microwave. While microwave pork rinds contain almost no carbohydrates, they now have 60% less fat and 30% less sodium and of course the same level of protein. Our Chef Piggy Tail pork rinds come in eight flavors: Habanero, Jalapeno, Chipotle, Ghost Pepper, Sassy, Smokey BBQ, Cinnamon & sugar and our original flavor. Our seasonings are all natural and contain no preservatives or MSG.

Chef Piggy Tail Pork Skins are available in 2oz, 8oz, & 16oz packages.


Cooking tips for Microwave Pork Rinds. For the best results cook in a 1000 Watt Microwave orhigher, and cook on a paper plate or paper towell. Enjoy a FRESH pork rind.

Microwave pork rinds and microwave pork skins have a long shelf life (9+ Months) so you don't have to worry about them going stale. You only cook the amount of pork rinds that you need and store the remained in our zip seal package which keeps them fresh at room temperature. In fact do not refrigerate or freeze microwave pork rinds since they will not puff as well when you cook them. When you buy microwave porkrinds cooked in the bag you pay more for shipping since the pork rinds are puffed and the bag contains air. A 2 ounce bag of our microwave pork rinds will make 4 cups when puffed and a 1 pound bag will make 2 gallons of cooked pork rinds. 


Buy our microwave pork rinds for a delicious snack. Compare our ingredients and nutrition and you will see that we offer a healthier alternative in the microwave pork market place. If you would like to sell our microwave pork rinds and pork skins or sever them as a snack in your food business, just contact us for a wholesale price list.

Recipes for Using Pork Rinds:

DIPS: Use pork rinds in place of chips when serving dips. A plain pork rinds is a crunchy snack that easily allows you to scoop up your favorite dip. In addition you have zero carbs in the porkrind chip and the addition of 9g of protein in each cup of pork rinds that you eat.

BREADING: This recipe hint is great if you are on a carbohydrate restriced diet. Just cook up several cups of microwave pork rinds, allow them to cool and then mash them up in a zip lock bag. To bread your meat or vegatable just place the item in the bag and shake to accummulate the breading on the meat. Bake of fry and you have added additional protein to your diet with no carbs.

TOPPING: Mix 1 can of Campbells mushroom soup with 2 cans of frenchstyle green beans and stir well in a deep baking dish. Cook in oven at 350 F until it begins to bubble. Cook up 2 cups of puffed pork rinds, cool and crush. Sprinkle the crushed pork rinds on top of the green bean casserole and return to over for 5 to 10 minutes until it begins to brown. You now have a cassorole with no additional carbs and have a vegatable dish with protein.


According to Men's Health:[1]

A 1 ounce (28 g) serving contains zero carbohydrates, 17 grams (g) of protein, and 9 g fat. That's nine times the protein and less fat than you'll find in a serving of carb-packed potato chips. Even better, 43 percent of a pork rind's fat is unsaturated, and most of that is oleic acid — the same healthy fat found in olive oil. Another 13 percent of its fat content is stearic acid, a type of saturated fat that's considered harmless, because it doesn't raise cholesterol levels.

^ Genius Junk Food from Men's Health

A snack is a portion of  food, oftentimes smaller than that of a regular meal, that is generally eaten between meals. Snack foods are typically designed to be portable, quick and satisfying. Additions of sweeteners and preservatives increase demand and profits while many factual comparison are ignored. Microwave pork rinds are gaining acceptance as a viable snack for several reasons:
1. Low or even 0 Carbohydrates make it desirable for folks who need or desire to decrease their intake of Carbohydrates. Diabetics often turn to microwave pork rinds as a desirable snack food.
2. One often ignored fact in comparing snack foods is the "fullness factor". When you're cutting back on calories in order to lose weight, you may struggle with feeling hungry.  Your best defense is to choose foods that have a high Fullness Factor(TM).  These are foods that fill you up with fewer calories. Microwave pork rinds have a higher Fullness Factor (TM) than many popular snack foods.
3. Protein is a nutrient needed by the human body for growth and maintenance. Microwave pork rinds provide significant amounts of protein in smaller servings that most other popular snack foods.
Nutrition Facts:

Microwave Pork Rinds

Potato Chips

Microwave Popcorn

Fullness Factor – 2.8

Glycemic Level - 0

Fullness Factor – 1.1

Glycemic Level - 7

Fullness Factor – 1.2

Glycemic Level - 5


Tortilla Chips Taco Flavor

Peanuts Dry Roasted Salt

Fullness Factor – 1.8

Glycemic Level - 15

Fullness Factor – 1.6

Glycemic Level - 10

Fullness Factor – 1.7

Glycemic Level - 0

Comparing the nutrition facts for microwave pork rinds becomes even more revealing when you review the data in a scoreboard format. The clear winner in the snack food arena is microwave pork rinds. In comparing 6 key nutrition areas, microwave pork rinds clearly offer the educated consumer healthier alternative.
Microwave Pork Rinds Scoreboard
   Calories  Fat   Carbs   Protein  Fullness Factor Glycemic Level
Microwave Pork Rinds  100  4   0  17 2.8 
Potato Chips  153 10   14 2 1.1 7
Pop Corn  163  12  13 2 1.2  5
Pretzels   106 1 22 3 1.8 15
Tortilla Chips  134  7  18 2 1.6 10
 Peanuts 164   14 6  7 1.7 0
The nutrition facts about microwave pork rinds enable us to transition from a single focus as a snack to a flexible food which can be incorporated in a number of dishes. One of the easiest ways to do this is to puff some pork rinds in your microwave and then chop them in a blender to the consistency you desire.
Larger pieces of pork rinds make a wonderful zero carbohydrate crouton in salads. In addition to providing a crunchy addition they also add flavor and protein. This is a great option for those on a gluten free diet as well.
If ground more finely they can be used as a gluten free breading on your favorite meat and vegetables. Or you can incorporate it as an ingredient in your gluten free low carb meatloaf.. 
Use in place of chips or crackers with your favorite dips, salsas or appetizers.